Thursday, November 3, 2011

AMD Bulldozer Specification

AMD Bulldozer
AMD Bulldozer is the new AMD Flagship processor line-up, and you can see the AMD Bullsozer specs table below the post. In my previous post, i have posted about the prices and mini Bulldozer specs, you can see that the lowest specs is AMD FX-4100 with standard clock speed at 3.6 GHz and turbo speed at 3.8 Ghz, this AMD Bulldozer comes with 4 cores, and the highest line-up of AMD Bulldozer processor is AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer with standard clock at 3.6 GHz and maximum turbo at 4.2 Ghz, this CPU comes with 8 cores. If you want to buy the AMD Bulldozer CPU's, you should better check all AMD Bulldozer specs below, and you have to know that there are no dual processor edition, the smallest line-up was 4 cores.

Here is the basic AMD Bulldozer specs and road map
AMD Bulldozer specifications
As you can see on the picture of AMD Bulldozer specs above, the AMD FX 8 cores comes with 8Mb of L2, 6Mb for AMD 6 cores, and 4Mb of AMD 4 cores, but all L3 cache of AMD Bulldozer sizes up to 8Mb.

AMD Bulldozer Specifications
Model        Default Clock   Max turbo - Core
FX-8150      3.6 GHz         4.2 Ghz      8
FX-8120      3.1 GHz         4.0 Ghz      8
FX-8100      2.8 GHz         3.7 Ghz      8
FX-6100      3.3 GHz         3.9 Ghz      6
FX-4170      4.2 GHz         4.3 Ghz      4
FX-B4150     3.8 GHz         4.0 Ghz      4
FX-4100      3.6 GHz         3.8 Ghz      4

Here is Bulldozer specs from Gigabyte.. it's complete AMD Bulldozer specs so far.. thanks to Gigabyte ^_^
Model   Clock    L2     L3   Core Name  Wattage System Bus(MT/s)
FX-8150 3600MHz  1MBx8 8MB  Bulldozer  125W    5200            
FX-8120 3100MHz  1MBx8 8MB  Bulldozer  125W    5200            
FX-8120 3100MHz  1MBx8 8MB  Bulldozer   95W    5200            
FX-8100 2800MHz  1MBx8 8MB  Bulldozer   95W    5200            
FX-6100 3300MHz  1MBx6 8MB  Bulldozer   95W    5200            
FX-4100 3600MHz  1MBx4 8MB  Bulldozer   95W    5200            
Note : AMD Bulldozer on the table uses 32nm of process, and B2 of stepping

What is the most value to performance AMD Bulldozer processor? can you see the AMD FX-8120 with TDP for 95w? I thing that's a good Bulldozer processor with low wattage, it's also good for HTPC system, you may also like the AMD Bulldozer FX-4100, it's the cheapest Bulldozer so far, check the first prices here (AMD Bulldozer prices).

AMD Bulldozer processor is very popular it's because a lot of AMD processor lover want to get the latest and strong AMD FX processor edition. Can Bulldozer beat the Intel Sandy Bridge series? well time will tell. You have known the AMD Bulldozer specs so far and it's time to work with new AMD processor. Good luck.

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