Monday, October 24, 2011

AMD Bulldozer Processor - First Prices and Models

After a long-long waiting the all new AMD processor, the AMD Bulldozer finally released the Bulldozer prices and models. The highest class is AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 with 8 cores, 3.6 GHz default clock, 3.9 GHz of turbo core clock, 4.2 GHz of max turbo clock, and the lowest class is AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 with 4 cores, 3.6 GHz of default core clock, 3.7 GHz of turbo core clock and 3.8 GHz of max turbo core. Here there are the model and prices :

AMD Bulldozer Models specs and prices
Model        Default Clock   Max turbo - Core - Prices
FX-8150      3.6 GHz         4.2 Ghz      8     $245
FX-8120      3.1 GHz         4.0 Ghz      8     $205
FX-8100      2.8 GHz         3.7 Ghz      8     -
FX-6100      3.3 GHz         3.9 Ghz      6     $165
FX-4170      4.2 GHz         4.3 Ghz      4     -
FX-B4150     3.8 GHz         4.0 Ghz      4     -
FX-4100      3.6 GHz         3.8 Ghz      4     $115

AMD Bulldozer prices and models specs comes from Toms Hardware. There is not yet available prices for some Bulldozer processor and let see it in the next posts. But there is interesting lowest processor of Bulldozer line-up, AMD FX-4100 is cheap enough for beginner gaming user, this Bulldozer processor has 4 core with 3.6 Ghz of default processor clock and has 3.8 Ghz of fastest clock speed. I thing it's better than another processor in the same class.

Update : AMD Bulldozer specs

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