Sunday, May 13, 2012

Foxconn N15235 Motherboard - Specifications

Once again, the old motherboards series, it's the Foxconn N15235 motherboard. Actually, there is so hard to find the Foxconn N15235 description from Foxconn official site, but if you need to know more about specification of this motherboard, here is a short description of Foxconn N15235 motherboard, you have to know that Foxconn N15235 is one of the old motherboard series from Foxconn manufacture and it has comes for Intel LGA775 socket.

Foxconn N15235 - Motherboard Specifications

- Manufacture : Foxconn
- Socket : Intel LGA775 socket
- Chipset: Intel
- Memory type : DDR2 SDRAM
- Memory slots : X 2
- Expansion slots : 1 x AGP,
- Front Side Bus : 1333 / 1066 / 800 MHz (FSB)
- Main ports : SATA and IDE
- Audio : On-board

Actually, there is so many different Foxconn N15235 specs version on the internet, I also has found other Foxconn N15235 specs with PCI-E x16 interface with 4 slots memory slots, on-board graphics card, SATA II and many more. So if you looking for Foxconn N15235 motherboard, don't worry about the specs, just check your CPU type and keep it run on Foxconn N15235. Okay that's, I hope it will useful for all of you, thanks.


sandro said...

As gb of ram can handle?

Admin said...

Well I thing 8GB of max ram capacity CMIIW..

Anonymous said...

I opned my foxconn pc to try clean the dirt and it is the same as this motherboard now when I put it all back together it won't turn on please help because I don't think I have connected all the wires in the right place

Admin said...

Triple check for power wires on the front case and your Power Supply.. good luck

Steve R said...

Please Discribe in more detail what you mean by it won,t come On, is the computer making any sound? Is the computer completely dead? Is it making a noise but not coming up on the screen?

Anonymous said...

where can i get windows 7 drivers for foxconn n15235,system manufacturer: p4m80p,system model: AWRDACIP

Anonymous said...

where can i get windows 7 drivers for foxconn n15235,system manufacturer: p4m80p,system model: AWRDACIP??

Download this program

This will help you guarantied!! It helped me with a lot of drivers that was missing!

Kon Kri said...

where can I find the user manual? because I don't know how to put correctly the cables?
Thank in advance?

Admin said...

So sorry Kri, I don't know about the manual.. anyone can help it?