Friday, July 29, 2011

AMD Bulldozer Processor

AMD Bulldozer is the next gen of AMD processor line-up. The "Bulldozer" processor comes up to 8 cores / processor for (e.g Zambezi series). As we know, AMD has already with the 6 cores processor, there is AMD Phenom X6 series and I thing it's good enough for daily computing and also for extreme gaming performance. AMD Bulldozer also will come with FX series, FX series is the premium AMD processor line-up and we has find it in the AMD Athlon family a few years ago. The motherboards for Bulldozer processor will use AM3+ socket or also AMD FM1 socket, some newest AMD FM1 motherboards has already from several brands today such as from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and from Asrock.
AMD Bulldozer Processor
AMD Bulldozer Processor Architectures road maps
AMD Bulldozer Specs
AMD Bulldozer Specs
AMD Bulldozer processor with FX series comes from 4 cores to8 cores, which is the best for money? well I thing the AMD FX-4110 or AMD FX-6110 will more interesting for budget right? All new AMD FX processor has completed with up to 8Mb of L3 cache memory.. nice !!
AMD Bulldozer VS Intel processor
Today, Intel has in the good position with Intel Sandy Bridge processor line-up, but the all new product of AMD Bulldozer not yet release, so we will waiting the real performance of all AMD Bulldozer processor in the next time. Basically, AMD Bulldozer is strong, fast, and rich processor from AMD, this processor always in the hot topic of computer forums. AMD have to work more to beat Intel Sandy Bridge.

AMD Bulldozer processor news updated :
- AMD Bulldozer specs
- AMD Bulldozer prices

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