Thursday, November 3, 2011

Asus KCMA-D8 Dual AMD Opteron 4100 Motherboard

Dual AMD Motherboard : It's Asus KCMA-D8 with dual socket AMD Opteron 4100 processor and has made for AMD server Motherboard. Asus KCMA-D8 comes with dual socket C32 (LGA1207), this dual AMD motherboard has supported for 4 core or 6 core AMD Opteron processor with Opteron 4100 series.
Asus KCMA-D8 uses AMD SR5670/SP5100 chipset and has dual channel memory system per processor.

Asus KCMA-D8 Features :
- High Power Efficiency with 85%+ Vcore efficiency
- Support Up-To-Date Opteron 4100 Processor
- Built in Linux RAID 5 solution
- ASUS PIKE SAS2 6G Storage Supported
- Built in BMC engine, IPMI 2.0 + KVM-over-IP enabled by ASMB4 Module
- 8 (2-channel per CPU) of total slot memory
- memory up to 128GB RDIMM/Maximum up to 32GB UDIMM
- Aspeed AST2050 with 8MB VRAM of graphic
- and other.. visit Asus official website

if you need a dual AMD processor motherboard, Asus KCMA-D8 is one of the Asus server motherboard that can you buy, it's also supported latest AMD Opteron processor from 4 core to 6 core and also has small size of dual processor motherboard with only 12 " x 10 " Inch.

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