Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AMD Radeon HD 6450 - Entry Level Graphics Card

While people talking the newest graphics series from HD 7000 family, truly there is available AMD 6450 that comes with cheap prices as entry level graphics card from AMD Radeon HD series. The most interesting from AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card is DirectX 11 features.
AMD Radeon HD 6450 from MSI
AMD 6450 from MSI
The reference clock for AMD HD 6450 around 625MHz, that is for lower version of Radeon HD 6450 version. AMD has give 625-750 MHz engine clock range for this entry level graphics card. You have to know that AMD Radeon HD 6450 also available with 2 version/edition, there is GDDR3 edition and also with GDDR5 edition. HD 6450 has equipped with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, it's up to 3 display with 2560x1600 per display. For better gaming experience, as one of entry level graphics card, AMD 6450 has comes with Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 4.1, and yes it's has full supported for DirectX 11 application likes for playing latest PC games.

AMD Radeon HD 6450 Specifications

- 625-750 MHz engine clock
- 512MB-1GB DDR3/GDDR5 memory
- 533-800 MHz DDR3 (1.066-1.6 Gbps) memory clock
- 800-900 MHz GDDR5 (3.2-3.6 Gbps) memory clock
- 200-240 GFLOPS Single Precision compute power
- TeraScale 2 Unified Processing Architecture
- 160 Stream Processing Units
- 8 Texture Units
- 16 Z/Stencil ROP Units
- 4 Color ROP Units
- GDDR5/DDR3 memory interface
- PCI Express 2.1 x16 bus interface
- DirectX 11 support, Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 4.1
- AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology
- Native support for up to 3 simultaneous displays
- and more.

I will not vote the AMD Radeon HD 6450 for extreme gaming, this cards in not enough performance for playing Crysis or Metro in full HD resolution with high details setting, but this card still good in low resolution, or for playing some games on the 17" or 19" with low-to medium setting, but if you want to buy it just for playing HD movies files or just for working, AMD Radeon HD 6450 is more more than enough for you, it's not bad for entry level graphics card with DirectX 11 features.

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