Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MSI N1996 Motherboard Specifications

One of the oldest Intel motherboard, MSI N1996 motherboard has comes for Intel Pentium processor and Intel Celeron PGA 478 socket. Actually, I found the MSI N1996 specs from and not from MSI official site, MSI N1996 is not a brand new and I posted it for every MSI N1996 owner who want to know more about their motherboard specs. Here is the full specifications of MSI N1996 motherboard.

MSI N1996 Specifications
MSI N1996 Motherboard
(Main specs only)
Motherboard socket type : mPGA478
Motherboard chipset : 845E
Processor allowed : Intel Pentium and Celeron (2.53 GHz max)
Processor FSB Frequency : 400/533MHz
Memory slots : 2 x DDR1 PC2100/PC1600 (1GB max)
On-board graphics card : Intel
Add-on graphics cars slot : AGP 4x interface
Audio : AC’97 CODEC Device – Realtek ALC202A
Ethernet / LAN : 10/100 LAN Supplier Realtek RTL8101L
Device storage slots : IDE UDMA Modes – ATA-66/100
Expansion Slots : (AGP/PCI/Exten) : 3 PCI
USB : 6 x USB slots
Other Ports : Serial, Parallel, Floppy, PS2 Kbd and Mouse, (VIA :

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