Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Asrock 770DE3L VS Biostar A780L3G - 2 Cheap AM3 Motherboards

Are you looking for cheap AM3 motherboards? here they are the 2 cheap motherboards for your AMD processors, first is Asrock 770DE3L and the another one is Biostar A780L3G, both of motherboard has supported AMD Phenom X4 with max TDP 125W for Biostar and 140W for Asrock 770DEL. Both of motherboard prices has under $100, but which is better for you? let see it more

Asrock 770DE3L
This motherboard comes with AMD 770 chipset, it's mean Asrock in not available with on board-graphic. Supported AMD X6 with max TDP 140W, 770DE3L is one of the best choice for AM3 motherboard hunter who need cheap motherboard.
Biostar A780L3G
Biostar A780L3G comes with Radeon HD3000 on-board graphic, this is can be your 1st choice if you want to buy cheap AM3 motherboard with on-board graphic.

Asrock 770DE3L VS Biostar A780L3G
Features              Asrock 770DE3L         Biostar A780L3G
Max CPU TDP           140W                   125W
CPU Supports          Up to AMD X6           Up to AMD X6
No-board Graphic      No Available           HD 3000
Memory Slots          2 x DDR3               2 x DDR
PCIe 16 Slots         2                      1
PCI Slots             3                      2
OC Tool               Yes                    Yes

If you looking for cheap AM3 motherboards with on-board graphic, Biostar A780L3G is the best choice for you, but if you want to get more slots of PCIe, Asrock 770DE3L is your, A770DE3L also equiped with more SATA II slots and more overclock capability. Read more about this 2 motherboard here Asrock 770DE3L and Biostar A780L3G. Enjoy your days.

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