Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 - Socket AM3+ for AMD Bulldozer FX

Gigabyte GA-970A UD3
Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 is perfect medium to premium AM3+ socket motherboard for your AMD Bulldozer FX processors, Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 comes with a lot of motherboard features than can make you happy, why not? it's great real 100% motherboard that has supported Bulldozer processors, from smallest AMD FX-4100, to high end AMD FX-8150. The latest SATA and USB technology also available, Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 has comes with SATA III 6Gb/s and also USB 3.0. Need overclocking motherboard? don't worry Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 also powered by Cloud OC, it's free overclocking application from Gigabyte and made for overclock lover.

Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 : Socket AM3+ for AMD Bulldozer FX
Box and motherboards layout
Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 Box
Here is the full layout of Gigabyte GA-970A UD3
Gigabyte GA-970A UD3
Here is the features from this amazing gaming motherboard
- AM3 socket and AM3+ socket ready
- Supports AMD Bulddozer / AMD FX processor
- Chpset : North Bridge - AMD 970, South Bridge - AMD SB950
- 8 + 2 Phase Power Design !! perfect for stability and overclock
- 7.1-channel Realtek ALC889 HD Audio
- SATA 6 Gbps and USB 3.0 ready
- AMD OverDrive
- Dual Channel DDR3 2000+ MHz !!
- 2 way AMD CrossFireX™ (running at x16, x4 bandwidth)
- Ultra Durable with highest quality components
- EasyTune6 : Hardware monitoring
- Cloud OC : Overclocking Software
- ATX Form Factor, and more.
Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 - rear i/o panels

Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 is complete medium to premium motherboard, it's powered by overclock tools, hardware monitoring tools, SATA III and USB 3.0, high quality component and more. Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 looks great for computer users who need a high performance AMD Bulldozer platform, it's looks great for extreme PC for work even for extreme gaming, same as Gigabyte G1.Sniper 2, you can read here (Gigabyte Sniper 2). I just want to say that Gigabyte GA-970A UD3 also one of the best gaming motherboard because it's come with 2 X PCIe 16 slots. Let see more about this AM3/AM3+ socket motherboard in the next post, but so far, GA-970A UD3 has amazed Me. Cool !!.

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