Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Biostar A780L3G - AMD AM3 Socket Motherboard

Biostar A780L3G is one of the most popular and cheap AM3 socket motherboard for AMD processors , even I can mention that Biostar A780L3G motherboard is one of the best cheap AM3 motherboard in the same price range with another motherboard brands. Biostar A780L3G prices now about $70, and yes it's very cheap for limited budget.

Comes with fully supported AMD Phenom II X6 with 125W of maximum TDP, Biostar A780L3G can run together with your AMD processor, this motherboard powered by AMD 760G / SB710 chipset and has on-board graphic card, it's quite interesting for Me because we can build our computer with small budget, let see what Biostar A780L3G can give to their fans

Biostar A780L3G - Cheap AM3 socket motherboard and AMD Phenom II X6 ready !!
Biostar A780L3G - AMD AM3 Socket Motherboard

In the Biostar A780L3G motherboard layout, we can see that this AM3 socket motherboard just comes with 2 slots of memory and only 4 SATA ports, so you have to put your memory carefully, because if you want to upgrade your memory module, with only 2 slots it's hard to put together memory with more than 2 module. Examples, the good memory composition are 1GB X 2, or 2GB X 2, or also 4GB X 2, this motherboard supported 8GB of maximum memory. Add the same memory type and capacity for dual channel mode, here is the supported memory type, DDR3 800, DDR3 1066, and DDR3 1333 MHz.

Biostar A780L3G come up with on-board graphic chip, there is Radeon HD3000 graphics with memory share up to 512 MB, it's enough for playing mini games or also a few of latest game with lowest setting, if you want to get more powerful gaming experience, Biostar A780L3G also ready with add-on graphic card, you can put your favorite add-on graphic card to the PCI-E slot on this motherboard.

"Pro Evolution 2011 pc games run very well with max setting, the specs are Biostar A780L3G, 2 X 1GB of memory, and AMD Athlon II X2 250 with AMD HD 4670 1GB, tested by Me"

Others Biostar A780L3G features
- Support HT 5.2G
- 1 x PCI-E x16 2.0 slot
- 2 x PCI slots
- 4 x SATA2 3Gb/s connector
- 1 x IDE connector
- AMD Cool'n'Quiet technology ready
- Advanced clock calibration feature
- BIO-unlocKING
- Small size with Micro ATX layout
- and more.

In cheap AM3 socket motherboard category, we can found another motherboards with good features and almost the same with Biostar A780L3G, there is Biostar A770E3, A770E3 comes with 6 SATA ports, and 4 slots of memory, it's better than Biostar A780L3G right? but wait, A770E3 has not on-board graphics, so you have to buy add-on graphic card if you want to use Biostar A770E3. So, Biostar A780L3G is one of the best AM3 motherboards choice for low budget, you can use on-board graphic for working, it's also easy to up-grade your gaming performance by adding the add-on card to your Biostar A780L3G. Nice AMD AM3 socket motherboard for the money.

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