Friday, December 9, 2011


AMD C60 is one of AMD Mobile processors from APU C Series that made from Netbook or small Notebook class. AMD C60 is dual processor / 2 cores with 1,33GHz/1GHz of clock speed and has HD 6290 on-board graphic with 400MHz of GPU clock for 1,33Ghz seriesm and 276Mhz of GPU clock for 1GHz edition. What is the most important things from Netbook or Notebook? power consumption. The AMD C60 mobile processor has 9Watt!! it's looks great for mobile computer gadget which need more power for long life.

If you looking for Netbook or Notebook that it come with AMD C60 APU processor, you can easy to find it, for example product are Asus 1215B and also Acer Aspite One AO 722 edition, both of Netbook has powered by AMD C60 edition.
AMD C60 on Asus 1215B

There also available from another computer brands such as from Toshiba with Toshiba NB550D-10T and Asus also released Asus X53U-RH11 with AMD C60 processor, and others.

Note for AMD C60 1Ghz can reach up to 1,33GHz with turbo technology.

Well, AMD C60 looks made for super mobile user, I mean this mobile processor is not for extreme gaming even for hard task computing such another premium AMD processors, the HD 6290 is good for small to medium PC games series, but it's seemly made for long life with low to medium performance. So, AMD C60 is perfect for peoples who want to buy a smart Netbook with low power consumption and you can do more more jobs with long life span of AMD C60 Nrebook's or Notebook's.

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