Friday, February 3, 2012

Ubuntu 11.10 Minimum Requirements

If you want to try the new Ubuntu 11.10, it's free operating system (open sources app), you should better check the Ubuntu 11.10 minimum requirements, but don't worry it's not a hunger OS for hardware. Well, Ubuntu 11.10 is the new edition of Linux Ubuntu Operating System, it's looks nice with new desktop appearance. Ubuntu is friendly Linux edition, it's easy to use, supported by many free software, and safe. Ubuntu 11.10 has released in October 2011 with Oneiric Ocelot code name. You don't need a dual core processor or a quad-core processor for running with Ubuntu 11.10, you can running well with only Pentium 4 processor 1GHz, let see the minimum system requirements below.
Ubuntu 11.10
Ubuntu 11.10 Minimum System Requirements
Pentium 4, 1GHz (or AMD in the same class)
Install Type    RAM (Minumum)    RAM (Recommended)  Hard Drive
No desktop      64 megabytes     256 megabytes      1 gigabyte
With Desktop    64 megabytes     512 megabytes      5 gigabytes
(from Ubuntu official site)

Minimum memory : 384 MB for Ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Server 11.10 : 128 MB of memory.
(please check your share-memory if you uses on-board graphic card)
(from :

Ubuntu 11.10 run very well on Asus EeePC 1015B, tested by Me ^_^
Processor : AMD APU 1GHz Dual-Core
Graphics Card : AMD Radeon HD 6310
Memory : 2GB
Good luck for all of you. Go Open Sources !!

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