Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Intel Pentium G860 Processor

This is one of the best value dual core processor for gaming, it's Intel Pentium G860 processor. Pentium G860 comes with Sandy Bridge generation (32 nm production) and use the motherboard with LGA 1155 socket package. Is it really good for work even for gaming? based from many review and benchmark that I've found, this Pentium G860 has shown a great performance for gaming, even better than some AMD quad-core processors (in gaming test)!!.

Intel Pentium G860 Processor
Pentium G860 launched at the end of 2011, it powered by dual-cores, 2 threads and 3 MB of memory cache. G860 run at 3 GHz of default clock speed and no turbo boost clock speed features, is it bad? of course not, 3 GHz is fast enough to handle any computer tasks. The processor also support for 64-bit instruction with SSE4.1/4.2 features. This small Sandy Bridge processor has low power consumption about 65W of maximum TDP.

For your information, I have found the Pentium G620 benchmark and the onboard Intel graphics can play the PES 2011 game with medium settings, so I thing the G860 will work better than it brother. Intel Pentium G860 processor powered by Intel HD graphics, (HD2000?), it run at 850 MHz of default graphics clock speed and up to 1.1GHz via dynamic frequency, it's support for dual/multi display.

Actually, there are so many Pentium Sandy Bridge version, you can see the G630 or also the G840, you can choose what is the best dual core Pentium processor for your system, all the Pentium G series looks almost the same, but we can select it by selecting the default clock speed.

If you searching a cheap dual core processor for your entry gaming desktop computer, the Pentium G860 looks perfect for you, prices estimated under $100 (about $75).

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