Thursday, November 10, 2011

Intel i7 2700k Processor - New Sandy Bridge

Intel i7 2700k Processor - New Sandy Bridge
Intel i7 2700k is the latest and new Intel Sandy Bridge processor with Intel socket 1155 motherboard, Intel i7 2700k processor has 3.5 Ghz of default clock and claimed has 3.9 Ghz of turbo clock, i7 2700k also comes with unlocked clock multiplier, 8mb of L3 cache, 4 cores with 8 threads. Is it better than another quad cores processor of Sandy Bridge with K series? well let see the previous top Sandy Bridge processor, that's Intel i7 2600k, this processor has less 100Mhz than i7 2700k, almost everything the same but Intel i7 2700k has faster than Intel i7 2600k.

Come with 95 W of maximum tdp, Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2700k still has green processor today, the prices of i7 2700k reportedly has $15 more than Intel i7 2600k. If you're the overclock enthusiast, i7 2700k also available with more CPU multiplier than i7 2600k.

Intel i7 2700k processor prices around $330 (estimated).

Well, I thing Intel's must do something to hold the AMD Bulldozer line-up, but as we known it before, the new AMD Bulldozer is not so powerful and can't beat the Sandy Bridge performance (in the same class of course). So Intel i7 2600k is still worth to buy, but if you want to bring the top premium performance to your Sandy Bridge platform, Intel i7 2700k processor is the right choice with faster default clock and more multiplier. It's quad core processor with 8 threads that very very great for work even for extreme gaming experience.

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