Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Intel Pentium G620 - Dual Core Sandy Bridge - Intel 1155

Intel Pentium G620 is one of Intel Sandy Bridge processor with dual cores, it's come for Intel 1155 socket motherboard. Well, I know that Intel Pentium G620 is not super power processor like i7 or i5 Sandy Bridge family, but guys Intel G620 is cheapest Intel Sandy Bridge so far that available from Intel Processors. Basically, Pentium G620 powered by 2 core, yes it's only dual core processor, this processor has 2,6 Ghz of default speed clock, 3 Mb of L3 memory cache, dual-channel ddr3, 65 W of TDP, and prices around $64 (official).

"Intel Pentium G620" cheap dual core Sandy Bridge Intel 1155
Intel Pentium G620 - Dual Core Sandy Bridge - Intel 1155
The prices of Intel Pentium G620 is almost the same with Intel Athlon X2 series, you if you want to get the smallest Pentium Sandy Bridge processor, you should better check another processor series in the same class from AMD Intel such as Intel Pentium G840, i3 2100, or also from AMD's. I will update this post soon as possible, but the point is Intel Pentium G620 is smallest Sandy Bridge line-up, dual-core, cheap prices also available with Intel HD graphic.

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