Friday, February 3, 2012

AMD Quad-Core A8-3820

AMD A8-3820 is quad-core APU processor with AMD FM1 socket, 2.5GHz of default clock speed and 2.8Ghz with AMD Turbo Technology, it's also equipped with 4MB of L2 cache. The great thing from AMD quad-core A8-3820 is on-board graphics card, yes, as one of the best AMD APU processors, A8-3820 has been born with AMD Radeon HD 6550 on board graphics card which it has 400 of GPU cores, and 600MHz of GPU clock speed. So, if you want to build cheap budget desktop computer, you can use it for your system and run it without buying add-on graphics card.

AMD Quad-Core A8-3820
AMD A8-3820 Specifications
- AMD APU Llano
- FM1 socket (for motherboard type)
- Quad-Core Processor
- 2.5GHz default clock speed
- Up to 2.8GHz with Turbo
- AMD Radeon HD 6550
- 400 GPU cores, 600MHz of GPU clock speed
- 65W of TDP
- 3369 of Average CPU Mark
(benchmark reference from :

However, AMD A8-3820 is not the best processor, I mean A8-3820 is only have 4 core (quad-core) while AMD also has Bulldozer 8-cores processors line-up. So, if you want to make a super/extreme computer, I can't recommended it for you, AMD quad-core A8-3820 has limited speed, it's only 2.8GHz of max clock speed, but remember, A8-3820 is AMD APU series, so you can save more money with on-board graphics card as bonus, this processor also has low power consumption and looks perfect for home PC multimedia center and you can play some games with it. Need more graphics performance? it's very easy, just put add-on graphics card later. Enjoy your days.

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