Saturday, February 18, 2012

New AMD FX-8120, FX-6120, FX-4150 - The Next Bulldozers

The new AMD Bulldozer processors AMD FX-8120 3.2 GHz eight-core, FX-6120 3.5 GHz six-core and also FX-4120 3.9 GHz quad-core has been leaked, this AMD Bulldozer processors rumored will comes with only 95W of TDP. It's all based from AMD Bulldozer line-up, and it's looks so great for AMD fans. So what is the new thing from it? let see together.
AMD FX Bulldozer
If you always following the AMD processors news and information, you should to know that this is not a new processors and I have been written about this in this post : AMD Bulldozer specs.

So, the first new arrival of Bulldozer is AMD FX -8120 eight-core processor, it has 3.2 GHz of default clock speed and up to 4.1GHz with AMD Turbo clock technology, it will powered with 95W of TDP and 12MB of cache memory. In my older post, the new FX-8120 will comes with 3.1GHz of default clock and 4GHz with Turbo, but from many source it has 3.2GHz default and 4.1GHz of Turbo, well let see the real specs from AMD official.

Next is AMD FX-6120, it's six-core processor with 3.5GHz of default clock speed and 3.9 GHz of Turbo clock, 14MB of memory cache, and still with 95W of TDP, it has 200MHz faster than AMD FX-6100 on base clock speed.

And the last one is quad-core FX series, that is AMD FX-4120 quad-core edition, it will come with fast clock speed 3.9GHz of default processor clock speed and 4.1GHz with Turbo. Almost the same with another new Bulldozer, AMD FX-4120 also has 95W of TDP but the cache memory just only powered by 12MB.

How cost for all of new AMD Bulldozer? well the release data and prices not yet confirmed,but it's looks will available in the next mothe or soon. So, are you ready for the new Bulldozer family? will it give more performance for our computer system? let see it together in the next articles. Good luck.

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