Monday, December 12, 2011

AMD FX 6100

AMD FX 6100
AMD FX 6100 - 6 core - AM3+ - 3,3 / 3.9 GHZ : It's a new 6 core AMD AM3+ socket processor, it's "AMD FX 6100". AMD FX 6100 comes with 3.3 GHz of default clock and up to 3.9 GHz with turbo clock speed from AMD tools.Today, AMD processor has released more processor for US with new tech and new platform socket with AMD AM3+ socket. As we know, the new AMD processor also called as AMD Bulldozer series comes to fight with Intel Sandy Bridge that has great performance but is AMD can't beat Intel's processor? I thing it's defending your needs, I also thingking that a lot of people who loves AMD processor can't move to Intel. yeaf it's all about your favorite processor and brands. So let see the AMD FX 6100 processor more closer.

AMD FX-6100 uses motherboard with socket AM3+, 32nm tech, 128KB / core of L1 cache, 6MB of L2 cache size, 8MB of L3 cache size, 4000MT/s of Hyper Transport (HT). AMD FX 6100 also has 95W of TDP, can you see this? FX 6100 has low power consuption than another AMD FX series such as FX 8120 and FX 8150 which comes with 125W of TDP. AMD FX 6100 has supported 32 bit and 64 bit computing system, also ready with AMD64 technology. Integrated DDR3 memory controlled, AMD FX 6100 can run with memory type up to DDR3 1866 and of course with dual channel memory system!! great.

Let see the AMD FX 6100 performance, if we consider into cores of this processor, it's looks so powerful for gaming also for working, today, the 6 core is enough for every tasks on the computer.

Average CPU mark : 5,718 (, December 2011)

(see also : AMD FX-8120 or AMD FX-4100)

Well, it's not so special performance from FX-6100, the Sandy Bridge Intel such Intel i5 2500K is better performance than FX 6100, but please wait, the price of AMD FX 6100 is cheaper than i5 series, so if you want to get maximum performance, FX 6100 is not good for your choice, but if you want to get cheap 6 core processor with friendly price / budget, "AMD FX 6100" is totally better.

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