Monday, February 20, 2012

Ati Radeon HD 5570

Ati Radeon HD 5570
Ati Radeon HD 5570 or lets call it AMD HD 5570 is entry level graphics card from AMD, it has 1GB of memory capacity, DDR3/DDR5 of memory type, 650 MHz of GPU clock speed, and HD 5570 also has equipped with new features, that is DirectX 11. In this cheap graphics card class, we can found many of graphics card type such as HD 4670, HD 6570, NVidia Geforce GT 430, and many more. As we know that HD 5570 only has 650MHz of default GPU clock which it lower than GT 430, but we can see it in the real performance on gaming benchmark result. But remember, HD 5570 is not premium or high class graphics card, so you should better use it in medium resolution display for better performance. Well, which is better for our money? well let see together.

AMD/Ati Radeon HD 5570 Main Specs and Features

GPU Clock speed : 650 MHz
Memory Capacity : 1GB
Memory type : DDR3 and DDR5
Memory interface : 128-bit
Memory speed : 900 MHz (DDR3), 900-1000 MHz (GDDR5)
Memory bandwidth : DDR3 = 28.8 GB/s, GDDR5: 57.6-64 GB/s
Maximum board power: 39 Watts

PCI Express 2.1 x16 socket
DirectX 11, Shader Model 5.0, Open GL 4.0 supported
Multi-GPU Supported
HDMI, VGA and DVI ports
ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology ready
Low profile graphics card with small dimension
Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP ready
*Note Minimum requirement : 400 Watt PSU and 1GB of memory system

If you looking for cheap/value graphics card for gaming, you should better check the HD 5570 gaming benchmark result below.

Crysis, custom settings, no AA, no AF 1920x1200 : 35 FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 : Highest settings, No AA, 1920x1200 : 32.0 FPS
Left 4 Dead : High settings , No AA, No AF, 1920x1200 : 43.7 FPS
Dirt 2, Ultra high setting, No AA, 1920x1200 : 29.5 FPS
Test system : Intel Core i7-920 (3.06 GHz), 3 x 1,024MB, DDR3-1225.
(Benchmark reference : Tomshardware)

Ati Radeon HD 5570 has shown a good performance for gaming, I know that it must with adjusting PC games settings but it still good for entry level graphics card with cheap of prices. You can play it with Full HD resolution and I thing you can get more performance from HD 5570 on HD ready resolution 1280x720 (720p). AMD HD5570 is compact graphics card for your mini PC system, it's good for playing HD files, working, even for gaming. Enjoy.

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