Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nokia 103 - Lovely Cheap Mobile Phones !!

Nokia 103
Sometimes, we need a small and simple package of mobile phones for SMS or calling only, and here is the Nokia 103, it's lovely cheap mobile phones from Nokia which it has comes with simple design and long life battery, thanks to the Monochrome graphic display type and 1.36" of display size, both of the points can make Nokia 103 longer life, it's very useful for many users who need a strong battery from the phone, I love it too because I hate to charging my phone many times in 1 day, so the new Nokia 103 looks interesting for me and I want to buy it one next. As one of entry level phones for beginner user, Nokia 103 equipped with simple features, you can't found processors specs, dual SIM card features, video player, Internet connection even for MP3 player, Nokia just offers flashlight and Radio FM for entertainment, let see more..

Nokia 103 has been born with beautiful design, I love the colors schemes of this phone with blue and orange list colors combination, and Nokia 103 has candy bar designed, looks beautiful enough as cheap mobile phones product, Nokia 103 is the next classical phones for you from Nokia. Turn to the main specs, Nokia 103 has 3.5mm jack, 500 entries of phone-book, vibration and polyphonic, Li-Ion 800 mAh battery, 648 hours of standby and up to 11 hours of talk, Nokia 103 also has small size / dimension with 107.2 x 45.1 x 15.3 mm and 76.6 g of weight.

Nokia 103 details

Nokia not yet released this phones in many countries, I found it as "Coming Son" product at Nokia Press page also at GSMArena site (On August, 7, 2012). Well, if you want to try the basic phones from Nokia, Nokia 103 is one of the great cheap phones for all of you, I have predicting that the prices of Nokia 103 will under $300 or even under $250, let see together..

You may also like another entry-medium class Nokia phones like the Nokia Asha 311 or also the Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM card phones.

Good luck and enjoy your days.

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James Brook said...

thanks for write article about cheap mobiel phones

cheap mobile phone run more then costly smarphones

nokia is best brand to make good looking cheap mobile phones.