Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AMD Phenom II X4 N970 - Quad-Core Processor

This is one of 2010 mobile notebook line-up from AMD, it's AMD Phenom II X4 N970 series, born from AMD Quad-Cores processor line-up, Phenom II X4 970 has 2.2 GHz of default clock speed, 2MB of L2 memory cache and 35W of power consumption. AMD N970 performance is almost the same with AMD Athlon II X3 445, the Phenom II X4 N970 has 2,741 points of CPU MArk benchmark test while the X3 445 can reach 2,741 points (based from :, it's still good quad-cores processors for mobile notebook edition.

AMD Phenom II X4 photo
AMD Phenom II X4 N970 Specs :
- AMD Mobile Notebook Processor
- 2.2GHz of Speed
- 35W
- 2MB total dedicated L2
- 4 cores
- 128b of FPU
- 35.7 GB/s of Max CPU Max CPU BW3
- 3.6 GT/s of I/O Bus Speed
- AMD-V™
Specs :

Here is another AMD Phenom II X4 N970 Quad-Core reference :
- 638-pin micro-PGA
- Microarchitecture : K10
- Platform : Danube
- L1 cache : (4 x 64 KB instruction caches) (4 x 64 KB data caches)
- L2 cache : 4 x 512 KB
- MMX technology
- 3DNow!
- AMD64 technology
- Enhanced Virus Protection
- Virtualization technology
- PowerNow!
- Integrated DDR3 SDRAM memory controller
- HyperTransport technology 3.0

Notebooks with AMD Phenom II X4 N970 quad core processor
- Gateway NV50A, Acer Aspire AS7551-7422, Acer Aspire AS5552G-7464, Acer Eme730, and more.

Phenom II X4 N970 is not the latest mobile processor from AMD, but it's still worth to buy, don't forget that N970 is quad-cores processor which is very good for multitasking job. (specs and pic just for reference only) Enjoy your times.

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