Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AMD Trinity

The new AMD Trinity is the latest APU series from AMD, "AMD Trinity" reportedly will available with 4 core of maximum cores, it's uses up to DDR3-2133 and powered by AMD HD 7000 GPU series, looks better than AMD Llano edition right?. So what about the type of AMD Trinity motherboard socket platform?, well Trinity reportedly will use the FM2 socket motherboard it's looks almost the same with FM1 socket, but it's not yet confirmed. While Llano comes with Husky code, the AMD Trinity comes with Piledriver code, here is the table comparison.

AMD Trinity on the AMD Processors road-map
AMD Trinity on 2012 AMD road-map
AMD Trinity APU
- PileDriver Code
- Up to 4 processor cores
- Turbo Core 3.0
- DirectX 11
- FM2 Infrastructure

AMD Trinity APU claiming will better up to 30% than AMD Llano edition, it's looks so great for AMD fans, as we know that today the Intel Processor was better than AMD series (overall), and this Trinity edition is the real rival for Intel.

Here is the AMD Trinity performance benchmark internal review
Estimated 3dmark Vantage performance
AMD Trinity         AMD Llano
A8 = 4500           A8 = 3335
A6 = 3600           A6 = 2600
A4 = 2500           A4 = 2025
Estimated PCMark Vantage - General Performance
AMD Trinity         AMD Llano
A8 = 7600           A8 = 6500
A6 = 6420           A6 = 6000    
A4 = 6200           A4 = 5300
Pic Via : Xelectrified
Benchmark Via : Techpowerup

As one of the mainstream line-up from AMD processor, the AMD Trinity showing the great performance and yes it's totally better than AMD Llano series, which is better with Intel next platform? well lwet see it in the next posts. Have a nice day guys.

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