Saturday, December 24, 2011

AMD FX-4100 - Zambezi with 3.6GHz

AMD FX-4100 is one of the AMD FX Bulldozer variants that comes with 3.6Ghz of clock speed but FX-4100 is smallest package from FX series, AMD FX-4100 Zambezi is the next gen of AMD processor and it's has quad core processor type, so is it better than previous AMD Phenom II family? well let see together. As I know, AMD FX 4100 is not the premium class of AMD FX series with smallest L2 cache memory but fast enough of clock speed, while another AMD FX comes with 6 core and 8 cores, the AMD FX 4100 just equipped with only 4 cores / quad cores series.

AMD FX-4100 Zambezi Specs :
AMD FX name                : FX-4100
Clock speed                : 3.6 Ghz
Turbo speed                : 3.8 Ghz
L2 memory cache            : 4MB
L3 memory cache            : 8MB
Socket type                : socket AM3+
Thermal Design Power (TDP) : 95W
CMOS Technology            : 32nm SOI

There is many of AMD FX-4100 reviews on the internet, and I can say that FX-4100 is good enough for gaming but it has not surprised me because the FX-4100 has 3.6GHz and it's good enough (not perfect) for gaming. The rivals of AMD FX-4100 are Intel i3-2100 and another i3 series with Sandy Bridge code. In some games benchmarks, AMD FX-4100 can beat the Intel i3 Sandy Bridge series but it's also i3 can beat FX-4100. So which is better for you? AMD FX-4100, Intel i3 series or even AMD Phenom II 955 BE?, well the most important for this question is "what is your need?" The i3 Sandy Bridge like i3-2100 has give impressive gaming performance and I like it so much, but if you need more multitasking processor performance, The AMD FX-4100 Zambezi with quad core processor series and 3.6GHz of speed is good choice for limited budget who want to try the 4 core processors, if you need more cores, you can to try the AMD FX-6100 edition, it's 6 core processor from AMD FX family.

AMD FX-4100 comes with lower TDP than Phenom II series (usually), while Phenom II comes with 125W there also available with 95W of TDP, AMD FX-4100 just uses 95W of max TDP, it's less power and good enough for HTPC or mini performance of gaming computers. I just want to remind you, AMD FX-4100 has comes with 3.6Ghz of default clock and also 3.8GHz of maximum turbo clock speed and you can try to overclock it if you want to get more "hidden performance" from AMD FX-4100 Zambezi series.

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