Friday, December 9, 2011

AMD HD 7000 Series

The next generation "AMD 7000" series has been leaked, this is a good news for extreme computer gaming users who want to upgrade their graphic card in to the latest AMD HD 7000 series as next gen of HD 6000 series.

AMD HD 7000 Series
pic :

as has been reported by various sources on the internet, such as, this AMD HD 7000 series will namely Trinity, it's comes to replace the AMD APU Llano A-series, this AMD 7000 will available in 2012. AMD said that AMD Trinity must have more performance than Llano and this 7000 series will use 28nm process.

Like another AMD HD graphics series, AMD 7000 will available with 2 series, AMD HD 7000 series with APU on-board graphics cards, and also AMD 7000 add-on graphics cards, it's for desktop computer user. Still waiting for AMD HD 7000 series official information.

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