Friday, September 21, 2012

Is it the AMD Radeon HD 8800 Specs?

Are you ready to use a new AMD HD 8800 graphics card series? today I found a great news for all of you who want to try this next gen of AMD HD 7000 or also called "Southern Island", the AMD HD 8800 including HD 8870 and also HD 8850, both of graphics card are expected to be present to replace the HD 7870 and HD 7850 series and both of card are mainstream graphics card, where is AMD HD 89XX, the card not yet reported so far.
AMD HD 7870

What about the specs of both of AMD Radeon HD 8800 graphics card?

From the source of this news, AMD Radeon 8870 use the Oland XT GPU chip, now it has 1050 MHz of default GPU clock speed and 1100 MHz via PowerTune Boost tool, 28nm production, 6000 MHz of defaul memory clock and 256-bit memory interface.

The AMD HD use Oland Pro GPU chip with 925 Mhz of default clock speed and 975 MHz via PowerTune Boost, 28nm production, 6GHz memory clock and still with 256-bit of memory interface

The new AMD Radeon HD 8870 and HD 8850 reported to be sold with the prices around $249,00 for HD 8870 and $199 (online MSRP), both of the HD 8800 graphics card looks still cheap enough for everyone, HD 8870 and HD 8850 rumored will be sold at the Q1 of 2013 and the most important is the cards reported will have the same performance as high-end NVidia graphics card type, hmm let see together.

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