Thursday, December 15, 2011

AMD A6-3400M APU Series : A6-3420M, A6-3410MX, and A6-3430MX

A6-3420M, A6-3410MX and A6-3430MX are 3 processors type after AMD A6-3400M APU series that comes for mobile Notebook, all of these processors has powered by AMD Radeon HD 6520G graphics. As you know, AMD A6-3400M is quad core processors from AMD that comes for Notebook users who want to get more powerful notebook performance with low power consumption, that all right AMD A6-3400 uses 35 W with 1,4GHz of default clock, others AMD A6-3400 variant uses 35 W for A6-3420 and 45 W for A6-3430MX and also A6-3410MX, the fastest A6-3400 processor type is A6-3430MX with 1700 MHz of base speed while the A6-3410MX comes with 1,6GHz and A6-3420M comes with 1500MHz of base speed.
AMD A6-3400M Notebook
Here is AMD A6-3400M and variant APU quad core processors specs.

4 AMD A6-3400 variant
A6-3400 series : A6-3400M  A6-3410MX  A6-3420M  A6-3430MX
Graphics         HD 6520G  HD 6520G   HD 6520G  HD 6520G
Core             4         4          4         4
Clock speed      1,4GHz    1,6GHz     1,5GHz    1,7GHz
Wattage          35W       45W        35W       45W
Memory type      DDR3      DDR3       DDR3      DDR3
L2 Cache         1MB       1MB        1MB       1MB
L2 Cache Count   4         4          4         4

AMD A6-3400M is the smallest processor class from AMD A6-3400 series, it's looks okay for working even for playing some PC games, the key of all AMD A6-3400 series is quad core processor type, I know that the clock speed of AMD A6-3400M is not so fast but the total cores is superb for notebook mobile.

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