Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 - Intel LGA2011 Motherboard

MSI Big Bang XPower II X79
Are you ready for strong Intel LGA2011 motherboard weapon? it's MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 comes with bullets character for Intel LGA2011 it's for Intel Sandy Bridge-E that will coming on this month November 2011. MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 looks perfect for enthusiast computer user such as for working or for gaming even for overclocking. This Intel LGA2011 motherboard comes from top-end MSI motherboard line-up for Intel platform. Before we talk more about this MSI military motherboard, let see more images of MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 that has comes from web news.

"MSI Big Bang XPower II X79" ready for Intel Sandy Bridge E Intel socket LGA2011?
MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 - Intel LGA2011 Motherboard
Ready with full armors for fight.., can you see the 6 bullets on the motherboard layout? what the beautiful features appears for modding !! nice huh it's Military Class edition
MSI Big Bang XPower II X79
Let see the first features that can we see from MSI Big Bang XPower II X79
- Support Intel LGA2011
- Support Intel Sandy Bridge E processors
- MSI Military Class (Military Class III)
- 8 Memory Slots !!!
- 7 PCI Express Slots !!! ready for CrossFireX and SLI
- 6 SATA 6.0 Gbps
- 8 USB 3.0 ports
- 7.1 channel audio with Creative's X-Fi MB2
- Debug Led
- Power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons
- Stylish and beautiful motherboard layout, and more

MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 is one of the best motherboard for boost your Intel LGA2011 system with lot of overclock features and tools, it's also comes with solid motherboard component from MSI with MSI Military Class III. So, if you're one of enthusiast users who want to try the Intel Sandy Bridge E processor, MSI has ready for you with MSI Big Bang XPower II X79. What a nice motherboard!!. Thumbs Up.


Anonymous said...

What the hell does Military Class III even mean? Sounds like the marketing department is getting a bit too creative.

Admin said...

^ : Military Class III is solid and high quality motherboard component from MSI for better durability and stability for your PC system. CMIIWW ^_^