Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intel Pentium G840 Sandy Bridge Processor

The all new Intel Pentium G840 processor is one of Intel Sandy Bridge family, it's comes with 2.8 GHz, 3Mb of L3 memory cache, and Intel HD graphics with 850 MHz of speed. Intel G840 Sandy Bridge is value dual core processor from Intel behind i3 Sandy Bridge series as 2nd i3 processor generations. This Intel processor uses LGA1155 socket motherboard, and Intel showed that the prices of Pentium G840 dual core has around $75 - $82. The good news is I founded Intel G840 benchmark reviews on gaming and showed that this value cheap Sandy Bridge processor was better than others processor in same range of prices. let see more.

Intel Pentium G840 Sandy Bridge Processor
Intel Pentium G840 Sandy Bridge Processor

Here are samples of Intel G840 gaming benchmark (in FPS)
VGA Card add-on type : ATI Radeon HD 6970

Far Cry 2 : 1680X1050 High Quality
- Core i3 2100     : 97.89  
- Core i3-530      : 77.89
- Pentium G840     : 76.51
- Athlon II X3 455 : 76.17
- Athlon II X2 265 : 58.16

StarCraft 2 : 1680X1050 High Quality
- Core i3 2100     : 40.5 
- Core i3-530      : 28.8
- Pentium G840     : 36
- Athlon II X3 445 : 28.6
- Athlon II X2 265 : 28.8
benchmark data and CPUZ pic from xbitlabs.com

Can you see that? Intel Pentium G840 dual core Sandy Bridge has good enough for gaming, even better and almost the same with 3 cores AMD processor, so.. you can use this processor if you don't like the AMD family.
Intel Pentium G840 Sandy Bridge Box
Intel G840 Sandy Bridge Specs :
Name                       : Intel Pentium G840 Processor
Cores                      : 2
Threads                    : 2
Clock Speed                : 2.8 GHz
Intel® Smart Cache         : 3 MB
Bus/Core Ratio             : 28
DMI                        : 5 GT/s
Instruction Set            : 64-bit
Instruction Set Extensions : SSE4.1/4.2
Lithography                : 32 nm
Max TDP                    : 65 W
Max Memory Size            : 32 GB
Memory Types               : DDR3-1066/1333
Memory Channels            : 2
Max Memory Bandwidth       : 21 GB/s
Processor Graphics         : Intel® HD Graphics
Graphics Base Frequency    : 850 MHz

Low TDP is one of the most important for green world, and Intel Sandy Bridge family has do it. Intel G840 is value dual cores processor from Intel and you have to know that rhis processor comes with Sandy Bridge code. If you want to build cheap computer gaming, Intel G840 is one of the best value to performance dual core today, but if you have more money, i3 2100 is totally better for gaming.

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