Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AMD A4-3300M Dual-Core Accelerated Processor with 1.9GHz and HD 6480G

AMD A4-3300M is one of AMD dual-core accelerated processor which it has comes with 1.9GHz of default processor clock speed and it has designed for mobile device such notebooks, for example you can found this processors on Asus X53Z-SX027V notebook. Actually, I have found another AMD A4-series with 1.9GHz clock speed, that is AMD A4-3305M series, so is there any different thing between both of processors? let see, both of AMD dual-core accelerated processor (A4-3300M and A4-3305M) powered by 1.9GHz clock speed and AMD Radeon HD 6480G APU graphics card type, but the AMD A4-3300M APU edition equipped with 2 x 1024 KB of L2 memory cache while the A4-3305M APU edition comes with only 1 x 1024KB of L2 memory cache, it's clear that AMD A4-3300M APU dual-core has better than A4-3305M.

Processor Specifications

- Processors Model : AMD A4-3300M APU , AMD A4-Series
- Socket : FS1 uPGA
- Graphics card : AMD RAdeon HD 6480G
- DirectX Version : 11
- Core(s) : 2 (Dual-Core)
- Default clock speed : 1.9GHz / 1900MHz
- Voltages : 0.9125V-1.4125V
- Max Temps (C) : 100
- Wattage : 35 W
- Memory Interface : DDR3/ DDRL
- L2 Cache Size : 1024 KB (1MB)
- L2 Cache Count : 2
- L2 cache memory total : 2MB
- CMOS : 32nm
- Notebook Fusion Controller Hub : AMD A70M/A60 FCH (specs VIA: AMD)

What about the performance and gaming performance? well based from AMD A4-3300M dual-core accelerated processor video reviews from youtube, this AMD mobile processors looks good enough, it can play many new PC games such as Portal 2, Skyrim, Call of Duty 4, NFS Run even GTA IV games, but you have to adjust game settings for better gaming experience. We all know that AMD APU processors designed for better 3D performance and I love the AMD A4-3300M dual-core as entry level processors so much, good luck and have a nice day.

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