Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AMD A4-3305M - APU Dual-Core Processor

AMD A4-3305M is one of the AMD APU dual-core processors which it has comes for mobile platform such as notebook. As one of AMD APU series, A4-3305M has been presented with AMD HD 6480G on-board graphics (on-chip), it's looks good enough and better performance than another mobile processors in it class.

AMD A4-3305M comes with 1.9 GHZ (1900 MHz) of default clock speed and 1024 KB of L2 Cache memory, the clock speed of AMD A4-3305M is faster than another AMD APU series such as AMD A6-3400 series, but the onboard graphics of AMD A6-3400 is better with HD 6520G type while the AMD A4-3305M powered by HD 6480G, remember that A4-3305M is dual-core mobile processor while the AMD A6-3400 is quad-core processors. It's not so powerful mobile processors specs but good enough for mobile devices. There is one question from me, based from AMD official site, I found that there is no available turbo clock speed features data, but when I surfing on the internet I found that AMD A4-3305M also supported for Turbo Clock speed and up to 2.5GHz (2500 MHz), is it true? well I need more data source about it later. Any way, AMD A4-3305M got 1,501 points for CPU Mark test (from cpubenchmark.net), not the best mobile processor but still worth to try.

Actually, the most important features from AMD A4-3305M is on-board chip graphics card feature, yes we know that on-board AMD APU graphics card is better than their rival, Intel (IMHO). Powered by HD 6480G graphics card series, the gaming performance of AMD A4-3305M looks good, while many of low-profile on-board mobile graphics card can't play a high-end PC games, AMD A4-3305M with HD 6480G seems can play it with customize settings, you can check it on Youtube of course.

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