Saturday, April 21, 2012

PES 2012 PC Games - Tips Skills and Tricks

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 PC games or we always call it as PES 2012 is one of the best soccer games, we need a real tips skills and tricks knowledge to beat AI computer players, why? I have played this games many times and the results I can't beat computers before I know more about the tricks and skills of players. Today, when I've been surfing video on the Youtube, I found a great video which it has shown a tips and tricks of skills for playing on the PES 2012.

There is so many skills tips and tricks of PES 2012 on this Youtube channel, you can found a dribbling, dive, defense, even free kick tips, but I things many of PES 2012 users haven't many knowledge about it. So here is the video, it has comes from Youtube.

See more about PES tips and tricks on his channel at

Well, what about you? it's nice tips and tricks right? when you need a real skill to pass your opponents, you can try to use one of tips from the video above. Please carefully, when you try to use the secret skill on PES 2012, you need to concentrate and calm down, because if you play so fast, I believe that the trick will failed, so just try this tips slow down and be the master on PES 2012 PC games, remember to try the beginner level first, so you can easy to defeat the opponents, if you fell that you have more experience, you can switch the level of PES 2012 games into the next stage or try the Top Player mode.

It's fantastic and fun pc games and I would to say many thanks for the up-loader. Enjoy.

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