Saturday, May 12, 2012

Android Rumored Will Have a Game Center

As one of the most popular mobile operating system, Android seems to be making a new surprise for their fans, Google, as a big name behind the Android reportedly developing a game center for Android platform. We all know that gaming is one of the most important thing on the entertainment, so Google seems want to give more experience for Android device owner.

The new android game center reportedly uses the Open Feint, but it's look less than effective, so Google looks need to make a new place for better gaming experience. Google+ is the important thing on this features, when the android device sign in to the Google account and chose the game, the system will saved the most popular games, highest scores and many more.

android game center

Mobile platform seems will be the king in the future, as we have seen since the Iphone and Android started to become famous, many of computer users to switch to the mobile device, they can easily reading an email, working on office applications, and also play games, so the gaming point now must better than ever, can you imaging that you can play the online games such as Battlefield on your large screen of smartphones or tablet? it would be a good news for mobile gamer.

Google not yet confirmed about their new android game center project, but I believe that this is one of the most great idea for better marketing. Have a nice day.

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