Friday, June 1, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Released!!

Ubuntu Logo
Linux as one of the free and legal operating system for computers has released the new Ubuntu 12.04 edition, the Linux Ubuntu 12.04 edition is one of the most awaited free operating system because it's the Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) edition and it has supported for 5 years!!

Actually, I have used the Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop and I love it so much, it has modern looks and beautiful desktop appearance, so is there any new thing from the latest Ubuntu 12.04 edition? basically the key features of Ubuntu 12.04 is LTS label, you will get the supports from Ubuntu teams when you got the problems with your Ubuntu OS, the new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS also has gave some clever enhancements such as new Head-Up Display (HUD) features and Video Lens. Here is the words from Ubuntu official site.
The new HUD gives you a fast alternative to the traditional, menu-based way of telling your computer what to do. Instead of clicking on menu items to give it instructions, you just tap the alt key to bring up the HUD and start typing what you want to do. You’ll then get a list of functions, without ever needing to know in which menu they live.

The new Video Lens makes it easier than ever to find the videos you want to watch. Just click on the icon on the Dash and enter your text to search. Whether it’s stored on your computer, on YouTube or anywhere else, you’ll soon see a list of matching content.

The Ubuntu Software Centre gives you instant access to thousands of apps. You can see the top-rated apps, compare apps by rating and user reviews, keep track of what you've installed, and sync your apps between all your Ubuntu computers. (read more at
If you want to get the Ubuntu 12.04 edition you can try it now and download it at Ubuntu site, I have try to download it and the space about 700MB. Good luck and long life for Linux and open source!!, have a nice day.

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