Friday, May 25, 2012

Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K

Which is better? Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K or I love to call it as mainstream Ivy Bridge VS Sandy Bridge processor, is the new Intel i5 3570K better than 2500K series? let see together. Intel i5 3570K is a new processors which it has comes with new Intel technology, this is the 3rd Intel processors generation and has been made with 22 nm lithography, Intel i5 3570K and Intel i5 2500K are the quad-core Intel processors, both of the processor compatible with LGA 1155 socket motherboard, so if you have an 1155 socket motherboard, you can use both of the processors. Lets see the main specs, gaming performance and benchmarks results.

Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K : Specs Comparisons
Intel i5 3570K                    Intel i5 2500K
-----------------------           ----------------------
3rd Generation                    2nd Generation
Ivy Bridge                        Sandy Bridge
Socket LGA1155                    Socket LGA1155
Quad-Cores                        Quad-Cores
22 nm processors made             32 nm processors made
3.4 GHz default speed             3.3 Ghz
3.8 GHz via Turbo                 Up to 3.7 GHz
6 MB cache memory                 6 MB cache memory
Intel HD 4000 graphics card       HD Graphics 3000
77 Watt of max TDP                95 Watt max TDP
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As you can see, the Intel i5 3570K has comes with faster default processor clock speed than the Core i5 2500K, the i5 3570K Turbo Clock also offers faster result than 2500K, 100MHz more. Actually, I love the 22 nm production of i5 3570K, it will give a "green computers" for us, it has lower power consumption than Intel Core i5 2500K. nice huh? let see the benchmarks result here, it has comes from Intel Official site.

Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K Benchmarks

Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K gaming benchmark

The battle "Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K" has shown that Intel i5 3570K can beat almost all benchmark tasks, the all new Core-i5 reportedly up to 2X better and faster than 2500K.

Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K benchmark

Basically, the winner of Intel i5 3570K vs 2500K is Intel i5 3570K, this new Intel 22nm 3rd Ivy Bridge processor do better computing task than 2500K edition, but you have to know that the prices of 2500K is cheaper than the Intel i5 3570K edition, so if you looking for cheap but powerful quad-cores processors, Intel 2500K is still the winner, but if you looking for a new tech from Intel with better performance and lower power consumption, Intel i5 3570K is totally better. Enjoy.

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