Monday, May 7, 2012

Intel 3570K - Ivy Bridge Processor

The all new Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge processors has been presented by Intel, as one of the 3rd generation Intel processor series, Intel 3570K quad-cores processor looks will have many fans same as Intel i5 K series on Sandy Bridge family. Intel Core i5-3570K has been born with 3.4 GHZ of default clock speed with 3.8 GHz of maximum speed via Intel Turbo Frequency features, but almost the same with another Intel K series, you can overclock this processors manually, great.

Intel 3570K : The Ivy Bridge platform now ready to run !!

Intel 3570K

Intel 3570K Main specifications :

- Intel i5 K series 3rd Intel generation processors
- Recommended prices : $225 - $235
- Processor code name / Platform : Ivy Bridge
- Lithography : 22 nm
- Socket : Intel LGA 1155
- Default clock speed : 3.4 GHz
- Maximum clock speed : 3.8 GHz via Turbo Frequency Features
- Cores / Threads : 4 / 4
- Cache memory : 6 MB
- Maximum TDP : 77 watt
- Memory types : DDR3-1333/1600
- Maximum memory bandwidth : 25.6 GB/s
- Intel HD 4000 graphics card (on-chip)
- Intel HD 4000 base clock speed : 650 MHz, and more.

From many of sources, the Intel 3570K has comes with better performance than the older Intel Sandy Bridge platform, but there is no big changes on the results (on general processor benchmark), but you can see a real gaming performance from Intel 3570K which it has comes with the latest Intel HD 4000 graphics card, it's totally better than Intel Sandy Bridge which it has comes with Intel HD 3000 series, Intel HD 4000 reported comes with 30$-50% better GPU performance than Intel HD 3000 series.

Upgrading from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge is so easy, why? as you know that Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge uses the same processor socket, yes both of this Intel processors uses Intel LGA 1155 socket. So, are you ready to run with Ivy Bridge processor? as one of the new processors type, Intel 3570K also looks so great with better performance and better gaming. Nice.

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