Friday, May 4, 2012

3rd Generation Intel - "Ivy Bridge" is Comes!!

3rd generation Intel processors or we love to call it as "Ivy Bridge" processors now ready to play. That's all right, based from many sources, Intel has released the all new 3rd generation Intel line-up in a few days ago. Is it true? of course because I have checked the stock of this processors on some online computer shop and I was found it!!. For example, you can fount the 3rd generation Intel processors such as Intel Core i7-3770 with $319.99 of prices, or Intel Core i5-3450S with $199.99 (all prices taken from NewEgg store). So are you ready to play with the all new powerful 3rd generation of Intel processors family? if you still not sure about it, check the official news here

3rd Generation of Intel the "Ivy Bridge" is comes, it's fun times!!

"Intel Corporation today introduced the quad-core 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family, delivering dramatic visual and performance computing gains for gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users alike. Available now in powerful, high-end desktop, laptop and sleek all-in-one (AIO) designs, the new processors are the first chips in the world made using Intel’s 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology." via :

Well, if you're one of the Ivy Bridge lovers, now you can build your dream rigs, we all know that the Intel 2nd generation Sandy Bridge has powerful enough, it's good for work and perfect for gaming, but I thing you should better go for the latest Intel processor Ivy Bridge for better computing experience, and you have to know that Intel 3rd processors is lower power consumption than Intel 2nd series. Actually, there is one thing special from Ivy Brigge processors platform, if you have the old Intel LGA 1155 motherboards such as MSI P67A-GD65, Biostar TZ68A+ even the lower class motherboard with Intel H61 chipset such as ECS H61H2-M2, Ivy Bridge processors reported has supported for all of it (with the same 1155 socket). Have a nice day.

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