Thursday, May 10, 2012

Asus P6T - Premium Socket 1366 Motherboards

Asus P6T
Asus P6T is one of the premium socket 1366 motherboards which it has comes with many of features. I know that today the Intel LGA1366 socket motherboard is to old to discuss, the all new Intel Ivy Bridge processors has been born with Intel LGA1155 and we must buy the new mobo for Ivy Bridge platform, but guys sometimes we need to buy the old motherboard type when our motherboard broken, this is why I post about the Asus P6T edition. Asus P6T has been designed with awesome looks, as you can see that P6T uses many of colors schemes, you can found the black colors as the main board schemes, blue colors on the heat-sink, white colors on the PCI interface, red colors on the SATA ports also the orange things on the memory slots!!, it's pretty board for your Intel 1366 based processors.

Asus P6T supports for all Intel processors started from Intel Core i7 920 to Core i7 980, and also supports for Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X or Core i7 Extreme Edition 975.
Asus P6T motherboard layout

Asus P6T Main Features :

- Intel LGA 1366 socket motherboards
- Core i7 Extreme Edition supported
- Intel X58/ ICH10R chipset
- 6 x DIMM memory slots (Triple Channel Memory allowed)
- Multiple GPU supported : 3 way SLI / Quad CrossFireX
- 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (dual x16, blue), 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, white)
- Better performance and overclocking with 8+2 Phase Power Design
- 100% Japan made solid capacitors for long life span
- SATA 2.0 and USB 2.0 version.
- ASUS TurboV, ASUS Drive Xpert, ASUS Express Gate, Heat-pipe features and more.

Whatever who you're, if you looking for powerful Intel LGA1366 motherboard which it will combine with your old Intel Core i7 series, Asus P6T may perfect for you, it has rich features motherboard with awesome style, you can also play games with hardcore and max settings with multiple GPU mode on this motherboard, great mobo from Asus.

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