Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ati Radeon HD 5570 Gaming Benchmark

Ati Radeon HD 5570 is one of the best entry level graphics card for playing games, today let see the gaming benchmark result from this AMD card. Basically, as one of entry level add-on graphics card class, HD 5570 has comes with simple design and small of size, it's looks good for HTPC system with minimalist size. In the same of prices range, this card will fight with NVidia card such as GT 220 and also GT 430, today let see the HD 5570 gaming first.

Ati Radeon HD 5570 graphics card
Radeon HD 5570
Ati Radeon HD 5570 Gaming
- Crysis Warhead : 1280x1025,Mainstream quality : 37.5 FPS
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 : 1280x1025 - Medium quality : 46.2 FPS
- Left 4 Dead : 1680x1050, 4xAA, Max setting quality : 49.5 FPS
- Dirt 2 : 1280 x 1024 medium quality : 52.8 FPS

System : Intel Core i7-920 @3.33GHz, DDR3-1333 3 x 2GB, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Asus ENGT430 for GeForce GT430 sample. VIA : Anandtech (

Crysis, custom settings, no AA, no AF 1920x1200 : 35 FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 : Highest settings, No AA, 1920x1200 : 32.0 FPS
Left 4 Dead : High settings , No AA, No AF, 1920x1200 : 43.7 FPS
Dirt 2, Ultra high setting, No AA, 1920x1200 : 29.5 FPS
Test system : Intel Core i7-920 (3.06 GHz), 3 x 1,024MB, DDR3-1225.
(Benchmark reference : Tomshardware)

You can read more about this card here : Ati Radeon HD 5570

Well, HD 5570 is great gaming graphics card with low budget, it's cheap enough for under $100. So, if you looking for real cheap graphics card for gaming, Ati Radeon HD 5570 is good enough for you, it can playing some PC games with medium to high settings defending the games and resolutions. Good luck

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