Monday, December 12, 2011

AMD 7000 Image has been Leaked

New AMD HD series AMD HD 7000 image has been leaked, it's the next generation of AMD HD after HD 6000 series. From Beyond3D forums, this forum has showed the AMD 7000 image design / shape, it's looks like AMD HD 6970 size.
AMD 7000
What is the name of this AMD HD 7000 graphic card? well, it's maybe will be the Tahiti XT or AMD 7970 edition.

AMD HD 7000 image information
- Length around 10" it's like AMD 6970
- 384-bit
- Image has showed 2 AMD 7000 with crossfire system
- 2x8pin power or will be 6 + 8pin power of PCIe
Source from beyond3D and news

Well, AMD 7000 looks like next monster premium graphic card from AMD, it's comes with 384-bit that it's powerful for gaming and for working. I know that it's not AMD HD XX9X series but looks still good as next gen of AMD HD line-up that will come in 2012. I have written about the HD 7000 and table of specs here AMD 7000. Good luck.

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