Friday, June 17, 2011

Dual Processor Motherboard i7

Is there any dual processor motherboard i7 ? this is the question that I often seen in the computer forum. The question is, why motherboard manufacturers have not listened? A lot of people looking for motherboard that supported i7 processor, and they also want to build dual i7 processor in one computer system, but the problem is, I have never find a motherboard for dual i7 and motherboard manufacturers only provide for the server system only. What? I want to see the dual processor motherboard for i7 !!
Dual Processor Motherboard i7

Waiting for Dual i7 Motherboard

Gamers who want to build their super powerful computer usually want this motherboard, truly I don't like the server motherboard and I want to see the real dual processor motherboard for i7 and for desktop edition. But guys.. in the reality, We don't need dual i7 processor for our daily computing, trust me, the latest Intel i7 processor is strong enough for working even for gaming, AMD also already with strong and fast processor with their AMD X6 Thuban series. So.. if you want to keep build a dual i7 processor in your single PC, you should better keep be patient, because I can't found the real dual processor motherboard so far for your i7 CPU, but I don't know what happen in the future, maybe the dual socket motherboard for i7 or also for dual quad core processor motherboard such as for AMD X4 / Phenom X4 will release.

I will always update this article, if there any motherboard for dual i7, I will inform here.. so keep watching. Thanks you.

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