Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Foxconn A88GMV - AM3 Socket

Foxconn A88GMV
Foxconn A88GMV is one of AM3 socket motherboard from Foxconn motherboards. Foxconn A88GMV has supported all AMD Phenom II processors with socket AM3 type. This motherboard uses AMD 880G + SB710 chipset, HT3.0 interface, and 4.4 GT/s of HyperTransport. Basically, Foxconn A88GMV is small motherboard for AMD platform, it has Micro ATX form factor that looks good for simple multimedia computer. The motherboard has powered by integrated graphic and also 7.1 channel HD Audio type, it's looks good enough with out add-on card. As you can see on the images, Foxconn A88GMV is colorful motherboard, the color combination has make this AM3 motherboard so pretty, okay let see more about A88GMV AMD motherboard below.

Foxconn A88GMV - AM3 socket motherboard for AMD processors
Foxconn A88GMV - AM3 Socket
Foxconn A88GMV
- Supports AMD Phenom II Processor
- AM3 socket type
- Dual Channel memory
- 4 slots memory Max. 16GB
- Radeon HD4250 On-board VGA / graphic
- HDMI, VGA, DVI-D ports
- SATA II ports and 1 IDE ATA133
- USB 2.0
- PCIe 2.0 x16
- 7.1 channel Audio

Foxconn A88GMV powered by HD4250 on-board graphic with DirectX 10.1 and ready with HDMI port, you can put the wide screen LED or LCD TV / Monitor with HDMI port on Foxcoon A880GMV motherboard. HD 4250 is enough for playing mini games, or also playing some new games with low detail, if you want to play more extreme gaming setting, you can easy to add other add-on graphic card into this motherboard. Foxconn A88GMV also ready with 7.1 channel HD audio, it's complete audio features for you.

No SATA III and USB 3.0 : that's the main disadvantages of Foxconn A88GMV, but trust me, today, SATA III and USB 3.0 is not so popular, but if you want to invest your motherboard, you need to find another motherboard with SATA III or USB 3.0 features.


lekko said...

whether A88GMV Foxconn motherboard for gaming and multimedia can, if appropriate for the linux operating system

rajan said...

how the performance of this motherboard for linux operating system

Admin said...

I haven't try this mobo into Linux operating system, but it's looks still okay and no problem.