Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Intel 1155 Good Enough for Gaming?

Is Intel 1155 Good Enough for Gaming?
Is Intel 1155 good enough for gaming? absolutely yes !! all Intel socket 1155 Sandy Bridge are good enough for gaming, even the smallest i3 2100 has powerful for gaming. Before I knew about Intel Sandy Bridge processor with socket 1155 motherboard, I always interested about AMD Athlon II and Phenom II line-up, it's because the AMD line-up has cheap prices and good enough for gaming, but after Sandy Bridge Intel 1155 was born, it's the bad moment for AMD processor in gaming market. Is it all true? let see together I will show you, Sandy Bridge processor line-up chart and gaming performance

From gaming processor rank below, the Sandy bridge always in the top chart, Intel i3 2100 dual core showing the performance on gaming and you know that AMD Phenom II X6 with six core and also Phenom II X4 quad core can't beat the Intel 1155 on gaming performance, see the processor gaming chart below, taken from Toms Hardware
Intel 1155 good for gaming - gaming processor chart
Is Intel 1155 good enough for gaming? 100% YES !!!

If you want to get gaming pc with low budget, you can try use Intel i3 2100 dual core processor and use cheap Intel 1155 motherboard such as Asrock H61M/U3S3, total cost has below $200.

I have seen more questions like this on forums, is Intel Sandy Bridge good for gaming? which is better Intel 1155 or AMD Phenom II? Intel i5 2400 VS Phenom II X6, and many more. So I hope you can get more knowledge from this articles, don't forget to buy add-on graphic card for better gaming experience with your Intel 1155. Enjoy your days.

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