Friday, July 27, 2012

Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 blue
Nokia Asha 311 is new full touchscreen S40 mobile phone from Nokia which it will comes with 1 GHz of CPU/processors clock speed, the phone released date at Q3 2012 and price : € 92 (estimated). As one of entry level mobile phone, Nokia Asha 311 looks so beautiful, the style comes with elegant with great schemes. There is many features from Nokia Asha 311 such as fast internet connection with 3G and WIFI, less data consumption with Nokia Browser and data compression tech, also fully social features with social network (Facebook, Twitter), IM apps, E-Mail and many more.

Nokia Asha 311 equipped with large display size as entry phones, yups the Nokia Asha 311 powered by 3" full capacitive touchscreen, see it? while the phone comes for entry level user without any powerful OS such as Windows Mobile or Android, but Nokia want to give better experience with large display and capacitive screen type, it's good offer from Nokia, so here is the main specs of Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 Specifications

Released date : Third Quarter (Q3) of 2012
Price : € 92 (price may change and different defending your place)

- CPU / Processor : 1 GHz of speed
- OS : Series 40, Java supported
- Screen / display : 3.0 inch (400 x 240 pixels) Capacitive touchscreen
- Screen features : Corning Gorilla Glass and Sensors
- Wireless : WIFI, Bluetooth
- Camera : 3.2 MP with 4x Digital Zooming
- Videos : VGA 640x480, 25.0 fps
- Music player and radio : YES
- GPS and navigation : Nokia Maps
- Battery : 6.0 h (3G talk time), 744.0 h (3G standby time), 40.0 Hour music playback time)
- Social and apps : IM, Email, Games,Maps and many more..

Nokia Asha 311 Pink Blue

If you want to buy a new entry level phone, Nokia Asha 311 may perfect for you, it has full capacitive touchscreen phone, cheap, powerful 1GHz of CPU/processors for best apps performance, fast internet connection with 3G and WIFI, Nokia Asha 311 also has cheap of prices (€ 92), well if you want to try this phone, you have to wait until released date (Q3 2012), good luck and have a nice day.

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