Sunday, July 15, 2012

Biostar H61MGC - Intel H61 - LGA 1155

My favorite things from Biostar motherboards are cheap prices and complete features, now Biostar has offered a new Biostar H61MGC motherboard which it has comes with Intel H61 chipset and it has LGA 1155 packaged. Biostar H61MGC motherboard is not the premium motherboard class, it's looks almost the same with another Biostar H61 motherboard such as Biostar H61MH, Biostar H61MGC also equipped with entry level features but still good standard user, let see more..

Biostar H61MGC supports for Intel Sandy Bridge processors line up also for the latest Intel 3rd generation Ivy Bridge like Intel Core i5-2550K or Core i7-3770K, so if you want to build your Ivy Bride PC Desktop platform, you can use the Biostar H61MGC, it's cheap and good enough for entry level.

Biostar H61MGC - Intel H61 - LGA 1155

As one of entry level motherboard, Biostar H61MGC equipped with solid capacitors, nice huh? you can see it at the picture above, back to the processors series, Biostar H61MGC actually designed for Intel 2nd generation, but I found some Ivy Bridge processors on the Biostar H61MGC specs, so I believe that Biostar H61MGC can run with many Ivy Bridge processors, this motherboard also supported for Intel Core i3, Intel Pentium series, Intel Celereon and other Intel LGA 1155 motherboard with 95Watt of max TDP. Jump into memory slots, this motherboard offers 2 x DDR3 memory slots with 16GB of maximum memory capacity allowed, you can use Dual Channel memory mode for DDR3 1066/1333/ or DDR3 1600 MHz.

Biostar H61MGC is not the real gaming motherboard, but you can play many PC games with it, why? it's easy just buy any powerful add-on graphics card and put it on the Biostar H61MGC PCI-E x16 3.0 slot and you're ready to play!!, remember that the Biostar H61MGC comes with PCI-E x16 3.0 version and it will run if you use any Intel Ivy Bridge processor like the Intel Core i5-3xxx or also Intel Core i7-3xxx. Here is another Biostar H61MGC features and main specs.

SATA 2.0, USB 2.0, On-board GPU (by CPU models), VGA port, DVI connector, VIA VT1708B 6-Channel HD Audio, Micro ATX size, BIO-Remote2, charger booster and many more.

Where is HDMI port? unfortunately I can't found it in the Biostar H61MGC, but you can still use HDMI connector via HDMI port on your external graphics card, okay?. Well, the Biostar H61MGC is not the premium motherboard, but I believe that Biostar H61MGC is still good for many users, I know it is not the Biostar T label like the Biostar TH61U3+ (all sold capacitor and HDMI ready), but again the price is the number one thing from many user and Biostar offer it via this motherboard.

My conclusion are : if you looking for cheap Intel H61 LGA 1155 motherboard with HDMI port and planing to not buying any graphics card, the Biostar H61MGC is not the right choice for (you can found the HDMI port on the Biostar H61MH or Biostar TH61U3+), but if you want to use HDMI on the external graphics card, Biostar H61MGC is one of the best motherboard for you, remember that Biostar H61MGC also equipped with latest PCI-E x16 3.0 version, good luck.

Intel H61 xhipset designed for entry level, it's not designed for overclock and it's looks perfect for entry to mainstream computer user. Have a nice day.

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