Friday, June 29, 2012

Gateway GT5220 Motherboard

Gateway GT5220 motherboard
Looking for Gateway GT5220 motherboard type and specs? you should better read it first. Before we talk more about the motherboard of Gateway GT5220, I want to tell you that the Gateway GT5220 is one of PC Desktop package products, you will found many computers parts on the Gateway GT5220 products such as the motherboard, processors, storage, memory RAM and any more but today I just want to talk about the Gateway GT5220 motherboard type only. Basically, Gateway GT5220 powered by NVIDIA GeForce 6150 AM2 uBTX 1394 motherboard which it has comes with AMD AM2 socket motherboard, DDR2 memory, on-board graphics cards and many more, so here is the full specs of Gateway GT5220 motherboard series.

Gateway GT5220 Motherboard Specifications

NVIDIA GeForce 6150 AM2 uBTX
  • Chipsets : North bridge: C51PVG, South bridge: MCP51
  • Motherboard socket : AM2
  • Front side bus speed : 2000 MT/S
  • Memory : 4 X DDR2 DIMM sockets support 533/667/800 MHz modules
    4 GB maximum system memory
  • VGA chipset : C51PVG
  • Audio : ALC883 8-channel audio
  • USB : 8 total connections, Two internal connectors supporting 2 connections each, 4 x USB ports on the rear panel
  • IEEE 1394A Chipset : VT6308
  • Super I/O Chipset : IT8716
  • Expansion slots : One PCI Express ×16, One PCI Express ×1, Two PCI conventional
Internal connectors

Rear I/O ports

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