Monday, June 11, 2012

Asus Taichi - New Concept of Tablet Notebook

Amazing and beautiful!! that is the perfect words for the Asus Taichi concept, comes with dual display on the single gadget, Asus Taichi offered a new concept between tablet and notebook with new Windows 8 operating system, this is the real Taichi idea, tablet notebook fusion!.
Asus Taichi Windows 8
Asus Taichi Hands-On, pic:

Asus released the all new Asus Taichi a few days ago at the Computex 2012 in Taiwan, truly the combinations between notebook and tablet is not a new things, as one of the most popular brands, Asus also has offered their fans with another Asus Transformer series, but the Taichi is the real new concept and it's amazing gadget.

Actually, Asus also has ready with other notebook tablet products such as Asus Transformer Pad 300 or also the Asus Infinity series, but the Taichi series has comes with 100% new tech, Asus Taichi equipped with 2 main display, the 1st screen display placed at the usual notebook design, and the second display placed at the rear side/bakc side of the main display, you can see it at the picture above. While you need a notebook, you can use it as usual, but if you want to play with tablet, just close the main screen and you will meet the second display on the outside, what an amazing notebook tablet from Asus!!

Asus Taichi has comes with the latest Windows OS, Windows 8 edition, Intel Core-i7 processors (Intel 3rd gen Ivy Bridge family), 4GB memory RAM and SSD storage, Taichi also offers USB 2.0 ports, Micro HDMI port and mini DisplayPort. Taichi will available in 2 type, Taichi with 13.3 inch of screen size and 11.6 inch of screen size. Both of Asus Taichi series uses Super IPS+ panels display with supported for 1920x1080 (full HD) resolution. You have to know that Asus also claimed that the Asus Taichi product has slim style such as Asus Zenbook variants, greats.

Well, the main features of Asus Taichi is the secondary display features, the secondary display has touchscreen featured and it's also can run independently, you can run other applications with the external display without worry disturbing the main display. The main display is almost the same with other notebook design, Taichi also equipped with full real keyboard style for Asus Taichi tablet notebook.

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