Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dual Processor Motherboard AM3

It's hard to find the dual processor motherboard AM3 product, I only found from Tyan motherboard that showing about AM3 socket for server, but it's only 1 socket available and not dual socket as usually and it's not for our AM3 processor needs right now. Dual processor motherboard usually uses 2 socket processor, but it's not uses 2 processor. Here the sample :

TYAN S8005 (S8005WAGM2NR ) Basic Specs :
Supported CPU Series : AMD 45nm Quad-Core Opteron 1300 Series Processors (Budapest / Suzuka)
Socket Type / Q'ty : Socket AM3 (941 pin)/ (1)
Average CPU Power (ACP) wattage : Up to 140W
System Bus : Up to 4.4 GT/s Hyper-Transport link support

Now, I still have not found the real motherboard which uses 2 socket for AM3 processors, perhaps in the future this type of motherboard will be available. AMD seems to have been quite satisfied with using 1 processor only, if we want to buy a motherboard for special works, for example to find dual processor gaming motherboard for gaming, we can use AMD Phenom series such Phenom X6 with 6 cores. So.. let see together, but if you want to try dual processor motherboard for AMD system, you can easy to find it with AMD Opteron processor. I will update this article if dual processor motherboard AM3 ready in the market.

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