Monday, May 28, 2012

AMD HD 7900 and HD 7700 - The Prices Now Cheaper

The new AMD graphics card flagship HD 7900 and also HD 7700 series now cheaper than before, this AMD 7000 graphics card family now so intersting to try by AMD fans. I don't know why but based from various of source it's all because the HD 7900 and HD 7700 looks have a new strong rivals from NVidia, GeForce GTX 680.

Before the Nvidia GTX 680 comes to the market, AMD HD 7000 such as HD 7970 become the fastest single graphics card in the market, but NVidia seemly have a strong card to beat the AMD HD series.

MSI HD 7970

* AMD HD 7000 Series - Prices Cuts *
- HD 7970 = about $60 (less or more)
- HD 7950 = about $55 (less or more)
- HD 7770 = about $15 (less or more)

If you're one of AMD fans, want to play latest PC games and has limited budget this is the right times to buy it one, actually the AMD HD 7000 has comes with many new features such as faster GPU clock speed and lower power consumptions, but the NVidia also offered almost the same things with better benchmark (in some case such as gaming). Have a nice day.

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