Friday, April 20, 2012

PES 2012 Become a Legend - Be the Hero!!

There is one thing special from PES 2012 edition, that is Become a Legend story game features. Actually, becomes a legend game also available on the 2011 PES edition but the new PES 2012 now better than before, the most changes from Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is better AI skill which it will give more challenge for all PES 2012 fans, so are you ready to be the hero on your favorite team?

PES 2012 Become a Legend is very interesting for hard-core gamer, as you know that PES 2012 game-play is harder than the 2011, if you can easily win on the 2011 edition, you can't do the same thing on the PES 2012 pc games, also on the become a legend game story.


The first thing that you have to know from PES 2012 become a legend is play clean and keep always controlled the ball position without any losing the ball from your foots, there is not only about the goal, but you also can get the plus point from other thing such as passing, heading, crossing, and many more. Almost the same with older series of Pro Evolution Soccer edition, you have to build your own character, create the player with your wants, you also can build the face by your self and use your photo to make a new legend player, change the hair, eyes, nose, height, weight and many more, great. If I have to tell the truth, PES 2012 looks to hard for beginner player, so you have to train more your game skill via PES 2012 training.

While you play for the soccer team in the 1st time, you will not be the 1st players who will added by coach on the starting line-up, you have to wait more time to play on the become a legend story.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is not a hard-core PC games, you will not to buy a new high-end PC games to try playing this games, read here to meet the system requirements of PES 2012 : (PES 2012 minimum requirements). Well, this PC games is very addicted, when you starting to play this games, you will feel hard to stop it specially on the master league games or also on the become a legend story, best games from KONAMI. Be the hero and be the soccer legend, enjoy.

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