Monday, April 30, 2012

Google Zerg Rush - It's Fun Time!!

Did you know about Google Zerg Rush search engine games? well if you never know about this fun stuff, you have to know that Google Zerg Rush is one of the Google search engine games, yes I like to call it the game because it's a fun game!! so what you have to do to try this Google secret games? just type "Zerg Rush" (quotes included) on your Google search engine and Viola !! you will see the "O" comes from many sides such as from the bottom or left side.
Google Zerg Rush
Can you beat this Google game? I thing it's hard to beat, what about you?

As one of the fun stuff from Google, Google Zerg Rush is one of the unique games, yes when you type the "Zerg Rush", you will see many of O label on your screen, you have to kill the O with your left mouse button, is it easy to do? well I have tried this game but I can't beat the Zerg Rush, I thing we need a great strategy to beat the Google game this time ^_^.

Trully, I never know more about the Zerg Rush words, but many of news source reported that it's comes from Star craft idea, so you have to use the strategy to beat the Google Zerg Rush, are you ready to fight? kill the O label on your screen, finish them and you can share the result. Great games and it's really fun to try. Have a nice day.

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